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Streetscapes of old that flourished with the silk fabric trade remain as they were

The built-up area of Chichibu city has been called Omiyago or Omiyamachi since olden times, and being a city bound by mountains, it has developed as a city combining the functions of a temple town, a market town, and a post town. It was the site of an encampment in the days of the Oshi fiefdom. Omiyago developed as a city bound by mountains, combining the functions of a temple town, a market town, and a post town. Omiyago's streetscapes developed as the silk trade flourished, with Chichibu's fabrics, most notably Chichibu Meisen, gaining popularity throughout Japan from the mid Meiji era to the early Showa era. The buildings constructed in that period can be seen even now as they were in olden times, surviving as cafes, restaurants, shops and museums.

Chichibu Meisen Branch Stores (Kuromon-dori)

There are three Chichibu Meisen Branch Stores on Kuromon-dori. All are two-storey, spacious wooden buildings.

They are currently used as a cafe and a buckwheat noodle shop.

They have received national Registered Tangible Cultural Property designation.

Chichibu Meisen Center

Silk used to be produced in Chichibu for many years. The center displays and sells Chichibu Meisen dyed and woven goods, has a historical guide, and offers hands-on dyeing and weaving.

9:00 to 16:00
Open year-round (except year-end/New Year)
Adults: 200 yen
Junior high school students: 100 yen
Elementary school students: 100 yen
28-1 Kumagi-machi, Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, 368-0032

Chichibu Folk Museum

In the Taisho era, this building was the store and principal house of a prosperous meisen silk wholesaler. Currently, this sightseeing base makes use of the earthen storehouse to house a store displaying and selling local products as well as a restaurant that serves handmade soba noodles and local dishes, and is a great spot to enjoy drinks at night.

10:00 to 21:00
*The opening hours differ from store to store.
3-1 Motomachi, Chichibu

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