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Privacy policy on Chichibu sightseeing DI website

  • About contents to obtain personal information Chichibu sightseeing web site (hereinafter referred to as "the site") may request the provision of personal information when using the following contents.
    · Mail send form (inquiries)
  • Types of personal information Personal information acquired on this site includes the following items.
    · Name · phone number · mail address
  • Purpose of using personal information Personal information obtained may be used for the following purposes.
    · Contact for inquiries
  • About the provision of personal information obtained to a third party Personal information acquired on this site will not be used by third parties unless there is consent of the individual or when it is determined by law There is none.
  • Access log When a user accesses this site, the IP address for identifying the location on the Internet and the corresponding domain name are automatically recorded as a log. Generally, it is not easy to identify personal information from IP address. Although this site records data such as this IP address and domain name as a log for administrative purposes, we do not provide this to external third parties.
  • Links Although this site has a link to an external site from this site, this site does not share responsibility concerning privacy protection of these external sites. When each site deals with personal information, handling of privacy information differs for each site. If the privacy policy is clearly indicated on each site, please check the contents carefully before using it.
  • Copyright The copyright of this site is in Chichibu city. It is not possible to copy, duplicate and reprint the contents of this site without permission.
  • Security About personal information acquired through the operation of this site, we will protect and manage safely with the utmost care about security. Computer equipment in which personal information is stored in relation to the operation of this site is strictly managed so that internal data is not peeped in or falsified or damaged by unauthorized access from the outside of the network. We will endeavor to protect personal information by implementing appropriate and rational level of safety measures against danger such as illegal access from outside as well as prevention of outflow to the outside.
  • About updating the privacy policy This privacy policy is evaluated on an ongoing basis in response to changes in external factors such as technological progress and the degree of security risk and changes in internal factors such as addition and update of contents to be posted on this site We will carry out review. When revising the privacy policy, we will announce it to users in an easy-to-understand manner by posting on this site.
  • Contact If you have any inquiries regarding the privacy policy, please contact the following.
    Chichibu City Tourism Section
    TEL: 0494-25-5209
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